Laws Family Journey

Family Secrets or the truth about how adoptions have affected my Life.

This is my ongoing living story of my family. I thought I knew where it began but was wrong, because at every point of beginning there was another story waiting to be told. If you click on “Family” you will see where the family secrets began to flow.

This is one of the points of beginning. The 1st family reunion meeting my younger sister Annamarie Hudson in 1998 after the airing of the Unsolved Mysteries episode in March 1998. I had met my older sister Martha Carota and younger brother Robert Henderson earlier that year. Top row (Left to Right) Martha Carota, Annamarie Hudson and Debra Jaynes. Bottom row (Left to Right) Bryan Laws, Robert Henderson and me.

My story begins with the birth of my daughter Laura born January 8, 1972 when I was 17 years old, her mother Robin (later my wife and then divorced) was 16 and her family was not going to let her keep her. At 17 I realized my 1st life lesson as I had no say or rights in the adoption. I was heartbroken and all my Mother could say was it was for the best and to let it go. Of course I couldn’t let it go and later learned that this was my 1st experience with Family Secrets and how important it was to keep them, because once one gets out the others get closer to being exposed.

Family Secrets to me means lies and lies only hurt people. When every other commercial on TV is about “Ancestry” “Finding your History” mine feels like it was stolen from me. But it is much bigger than me. My father Francis Morris Laws, Jr. was born October 5, 1931, In Panama City, Florida and immediately adopted by Francis Morris Laws, Sr. and his wife Vestal Bryan Laws, my paternal grandparents. Who thought that there would ever be an “” and DNA tests. This opened a whole new set of questions for me, because my lovely wife has followed the Laws and Bryan’s family back to England, but that is my adopted family. We keep getting DNA “leafs” to families not in my family history. I got an email from a ancestry relative that said it looks like we are related and asked some questions and seeing her DNA makeup it was on my Dad’s side, so I emailed her back and said my Dad was adopted there were no further conversations or responses, it brought back all the bad feelings when I was searching for my family. At 65 I am lost once again in how to find the truth. Everyone with actual knowledge is probably dead and what step to take next. I have been here before but with hope, I do not have the same hope I had before.

My 2 oldest daughters Casey and Laura
(Left to Right) Jacob Laws, grandson, Daughter Casey, Son Ricky, Isaac Laws, grandson, Son Vince, Daughter Sam and Millie Sullivan, granddaughter
December 6, 2006
My Graduation picture 1972

Not all those who wander are lost.


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